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1).  How do I place an order?

      A).  Select cake flavor.  Select pan type.  Submit payment.  Check out. 


2).  Will I receive a tracking number?

      A).  Yes.  It will be sent upon shipment of your order.


3)  Do you have cakes on hand?

      A).  No.  All cakes are made upon receipt of order.

4).  Do you ship?

      A).  Yes,  Shipping is available across US primarily via FedEx or UPS in some instances (Exceptions AK, HI, PR, or US Virgin Islands).

5).  Do you make any other desserts or pastries besides Bundt Cakes i.e. (cookies, pies, layered cakes, cheese cakes, or cupcakes)?

      A).  No.  I make Bundt Cakes exclusively (See menu for available options).

6).  Do you make gluten free or vegan cakes?

      A).  No.  Not at this time.

7).  How long will it take for my cake to arrive?

      A).  Typical turn around time for shipped orders upon placement is 7-10 business days.  For local orders, the turn around time is 7 days.

8).  May I pick my cake up in person?

      A).  Yes.  You may include instructions with your order or email to discuss pick up details.

9).  Where are you located?

       A).  Arkansas

10).  I don't have a PayPal Account.  How do I remit payment?

      A).  Debit and major credit cards are accepted.

11).  I have a question?

      A).  Email all questions to  Enter "Cake Question" in the subject line.

12).  What if my package is damaged upon delivery?

       A).  BundtzbyRod, LLC is not responsible for any packages or contents thereof that have been damaged, lost, or stolen upon delivery.

13).  Do Bunt cakes freeze? 

        A).  Yes, please refer to Google for best practices.

14).  Do all Bundt cakes come with glaze? 

        A).  No, however you can add glaze to any cake for $5 on our menu.

15).  Do Bundt come with Pecans 

        A).  No, however you can add glaze to any cake for $3.50 on our menu.

15). Can I change the type of glaze on my Bundt?

        A).  Yes, you can change the type of glaze on a cake that includes glaze from our menu.

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