1).  ALL orders take 7-10 business days to process INCLUDING local and those to be shipped.  (A business day is defined as Monday thru Friday).

2).   All Bundtz start at $30.  Larger Bundtz are $35.  Add $5 for all "Bundtz with Spirit". 


3).  All cakes are baked fresh upon ordering.  There are NO cakes "on hand".  

4).   Shipping and delivery available ONLY.

5).  Email confirmations are provided upon ordering and when your orders have been shipped.  (Please verify that your email address is correct prior to submission).

Thanks so much for the tremendous support!!!




Bundtz Flavors




5 Flavor Pound (Almond, Butter, Coconut, Lemon, Vanilla) *
7-Up Bundt Cake *

Buttermilk/Sour Cream Bundt *
Caramel w/Caramel Glaze *

Caramel Pecan w/Vanilla Glaze *
Chocolate Chip w/Chocolate Ganache *
Chocolate w/Chocolate Ganache *

Cookies & Cream Bundt 
Cream Cheese Pound *
Lemon w/ Lemon Glaze *
Pineapple Upside Down *
Red Velvet 

"Reese's" Bundt*

Shirley Temple Bundt *

"Snicker's" Bundt*
Strawberry w/Strawberry Glaze
Traditional Pound *

Turtle Bundt *

Bundtz with "Spirits"

Apple Crown Royal *
Banana Rum *

Chocolate Rum *

Hennessy *

Caramel Crown Royal *

Coconut Rum

Lemon Rum *

Peach Crown Royal *

Pina Colada Rum *

Strawberry Rum *

Traditional Rum *

Vanilla Crown Royal *

Watermelon Rum *

  *Available to Ship